Give that Sparkle: Magical Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

As the Christmas season fast approaches, many of us are beginning to feel the squeeze.  Like every year, the holiday season has crept up on us, and now we're forced to think on our feet for great gift ideas.  Sometimes, however, choosing gifts can be harder than it seems.  While children might not realise it, they can be difficult to buy for.  If that describes one child in your life - or many of them! - then here are some great, unusual ideas for children's gifts that won't break the bank.

'Adopt a Soft Toy' Ticket

Locate a plush toy wholesaler near you - the kind that's big enough to impress a child with the sheer volume of potential new friends it carries.  Design a ticket on the computer, or have someone design one for you, to invite the child to 'adopt a soft toy' from 'Santa Claus's warehouse'.  You could also include a small soft toy along with the ticket to illustrate the point.  This allows the child to have something to unwrap on Christmas Day itself, the choice to choose their own gift without letting go of the magic and the spirit of Christmas, and extends out their Christmas beyond the day itself.

Art Encouragement from Santa

Buy a set of nice crayons, pencils or other age-appropriate art equipment, and a nice big sketchbook.  Then, on Christmas Eve, have the child draw a picture to leave out for Santa Claus.  As Santa takes the picture, have him leave a note remarking on how good it is, and how he'd love to see what they can do next year.  Not only will it boost their confidence, but may also gift them the motivation to develop a new productive hobby to while away the hours.  This could work just as well with an apron or some children's cooking utensils if you have them make cakes for Santa instead.

A Magic Reindeer

If the 'Adopt a Soft Toy' ticket doesn't appeal, perhaps a magic reindeer will?  Have Santa leave behind a note, telling the child that as they've been so good, he's entrusting them with the care of one of his reindeer.  They may not be particularly common, but you can likely find one at a local soft toy wholesaler - and if the child has never seen a reindeer plush toy in a regular store before, it'll only seem all the more magical.

While these ideas may require a little more preparation with their notes from Santa, the payoff can be great.  Children love to feel like they're receiving something special from Santa, and will appreciate the extra flourish of magic in their Christmas Day.