Why You Should Consider Custom Picture Frames over Standard-Sized Types

You may be wondering which type of frames are ideal for your pictures or pieces of art. Should you choose custom or standard-sized picture frames sold in your local craft store? Well, these two are considerably different, especially if the picture or art you intend to frame is of significant value or features particular dimensions.

Custom picture framing is ideal in most cases, and you should consider them for various reasons, including:


Standard-sized framing doesn't provide you with many options. That's because you must stick to a specific size, material, or design required for framing. However, if you want to express your personality and display what you love, investing in custom framing is an excellent way to begin. Decorating your home or office using custom framing allows you to add various designs with glazing, patterns, or matting. 


Professional picture framers use special techniques, tools, and skills to craft high-quality framing products. But since typical frames are designed from resin or plastic, they can cause damage to the material as well as your picture or art. That's because of the high acidity level in plastic and resin frames, which is harmful to your art. 

For standard-sized frames, the size and matting of your frame will define the final dimension of the picture. However, custom-made frames do not force you to fit your picture or art in a fixed size or matting. They allow you to choose any size of framing as per the size of your picture or art. 


Frames play a crucial role when it comes to protecting your valuable art or pictures. With time, art can fade out and add a yellow tinge. Sometimes, even natural light can harm these pieces of art. However, custom frames are designed from materials that offer protection to your art for a long time. Acid-resistant materials and top-quality mattings will ensure your fine art remains in immaculate condition. As a result, your treasured item will be uncorrupted and intact for years. Furthermore, custom-made frames can increase the overall value of your art, and in some cases, the place it has been housed. 

Final Thoughts

Custom frames are the best option, especially when you're looking into opening a personal art gallery. Depending on your artwork, you can give them a classic look through excellently crafted framing, which increases their perspective. However, if you are still undecided on the type of framing that's ideal, research some practical ideas and seek help from professional framers.