Wooden Toys: The Rocking Horse

If you are thinking about purchasing a set of rocking horses for your toy shop, you may be curious about the history and appeal of this type of toy. Read on to find out everything you need to know!

The history of the rocking horse

The rocking horse dates all the way back to the 18th Century. Later, people began improving this early design by adding wheels, springs, iron frames and ornate carvings. As a result, toys became sleeker in appearance but remained just as fun, which is ideal for children who love active play.

Modern forms of the rocking horse are made from wood with metal and plastic accessories and decorations. The standard design is usually brown with a light mane and tail to match the colours of a real horse, but other colours are also available. Some have wheels, while others are designed to stand on their own so a child can enjoy hours of fun without worrying about tipping over or falling off.

The appeal of the rocking horse

There are many reasons for the appeal of the rocking horse. Children love riding toys because they simulate the feeling of being on a real horse whilst giving them something exciting to focus on. It encourages active play, which helps to develop balance and coordination. Riding also gives children an increased sense of control over their environment because they define the speed at which they move back and forth. Moreover, it promotes imaginative play through developing role-play skills as a child can become anything from a majestic knight to an intrepid explorer riding into unknown lands.

The durability of the rocking horse

Rocking horses are made to last. They can often be repaired with simple, everyday tools, meaning that if a child breaks the horse, it doesn't necessarily mean that the parents need to buy a whole new one. This is great news for parents who want to stick to their budget but don't like the idea of their children playing with cheap toys.

The rocking horse has endured the test of time, and these beautiful toys have enchanted generations upon generations of children. If you are thinking about buying a set for display in your toy shop, you can feel confident that your customers will appreciate them, especially if you choose an attractive example with fine detailing.

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